Heavenly Hands Massage
Adrienne Dangelat Owner / Lic # 79175

Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

As owner of Heavenly Hands Massage, I have the right to deny service or stop a session with any client exhibiting sexual conduct, actions, or implications.  


If you do not cancel an appointment within 24 hours, and it is already paid for in advance, I will classify it as a "No Show". At my discretion, I will apply the prepayment towards the "No Show", and you will be charged  for the next appointment made. 



General Sanitation Practices: 

My health practices and sanitation procedures are in complete compliance with State requirements, and in some instances, even a step above what is suggested.  So come celebrate and relax with one of the most outstanding and professional Medical Massage Therapists around.

If you are feeling under the weather, or are just getting over a sickness, that you contact me within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. We will reschedule accordingly.  I will be only too happy to accommodate your request for a future date. Please make note that when you reschedule, it may be months out due to my schedule being full.

In order to assure the safety of your health, & mine, below are the basic safety guidelines that are followed during your visit:
*  Mask wearing is optional.
*  Hand Sanitizer will be available for your usage and mine.
*  A clean set of sheets are changed before and after each client (this is my normal protocol).
*  Alcohol is used for cleaning all surfaces, doorknobs, writing material for intake forms and any equipment I may use.
*  Disposable face cradle coverings are used with each client.
*  As well as other internal measures I take to ensure a safe and sterile environment! 

Thank you for helping to adhere to these guidelines to make your massage experience a rejuvenating one!

Heavenly Hands Massage

Adrienne Dangelat